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Mile-Hi Jeep Club of Colorado
Uniting adventure loving people in worthwhile 4-wheel drive activities while preserving and protecting the land for all generations to enjoy.
EST. 1956
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In 1956, Mile-Hi Jeep Club was formed and grew to where it is today. Currently, the club has over 400 vehicle members that make up the 19 Patrols that are within MHJC. Each Patrol has an elected Patrol Leader that is on the Club's Board of Directors.

Each Patrol has its own personality and members are encouraged to join the Patrol that best suits them. Members are always welcome to go on trail rides with any of the Patrols, not just the Patrol they are in. Patrols range from groups that like to do the mild and scenic trails to other Patrols that enjoy the extreme rock crawling trails. It only takes four members to start a new Patrol. Each Patrol has their own by-laws approved by the club Board of Directors. Each Patrol sets its own meetings, dues (if applicable), trail runs and policies.

Look below to find out more about each Patrol within Mile-Hi Jeep Club and to visit their websites.

Note: If the Patrol has a website, click the logo or Patrol name to visit the site. Click the Patrol leader's name to e-mail the Patrol.

Patrol 1: Hobo Jeepers Patrol 1: Hobo Jeepers
Patrol Leader: Jeff Dupper
New Members
The spirit of a "Hobo" and the fun of Jeeping are the ideals of our name. As Hobos ride the trails, we instead drive the trails in that same traveling spirit. We like to run from the scenic Jeeping routes, to the rugged adventure trips. The Hobos of Patrol 1 have mainly modified Jeeps, as lifts and lockers are recommended for most trips. The Hobos also enjoy all the MHJC has to offer, hold our Annual Hobo Run and "Tread Lightly". We get together every month at various members houses around Denver. Learn more... 
Patrol 2: Rat  Patrol Patrol 2: Rat Patrol
Patrol Leader: Glenn Gibson
Our patrol is dedicated to having a blast doing the Jeep thing. We welcome all those that come along on our trail rides. We like to do all types of trails, from very difficult to moderate. We hold monthly patrol meetings on the 2nd Sunday of each month at patrol member's homes to plan next months trail rides. We do, at a minimum, one trail a month. We make it a point that every vehicle that goes out, comes back. Our patrol is not just limited to Jeeps, if it's ready, let's GO!
Patrol 3: Rock Jocks Patrol 3: Rock Jocks
Patrol Leader: Becki Zipp
Rock Jocks is Patrol 3 of the Mile High Jeep Club (MHJC). The Patrol is a fun loving adventurous group that enjoys easy to hard core trails. Members have to have a minimum of 33" tires, and lockers or limited slip. Expect to have fun, no bull, no politics. We enjoy the trails, help keep them open, and teach others how to do the same.
Patrol 4: Lost Patrol Patrol 4: Lost Patrol
Patrol Leader: David Tjarks
Our focus is to support the members of Patrol 4 to get out and enjoy the “JeepLife” safely. We run trails all year rating from 1 to 8, have Patrol meetings, support off-road agencies, All-4-Fun and Christmas Caravan up to having overnight camping excursions. A key commitment to our Patrol members is no one gets left behind! We have members of all ages who live all over the Denver Metro area; families welcome. Patrol and vehicle requirements are minimal and dictated by trail ratings.
Patrol 5: The Low Rangers
Patrol 5: The Low Rangers
Patrol Leader: Cory Moul
Patrol 5 Website Patrol 5 Facebook Page
Members include singles, couples, families with kiddos & our 4 legged families. We live all around the surrounding Denver area. Patrol 5 is active in All-4-Fun, Christmas Caravan, Stay The Trail, and we support all MHJC functions. We occasionally plan other events and activities that are not 4-wheeling related, BBQ’s, vehicle rallies, parades, dinner, etc. We enjoy camping and scenic to moderate Jeeping. Trips include day trips, weekends and week-long excursions. Most of our vehicles are equipped to handle most any kind of Jeeping.
Patrol 6: F Troop Patrol 6: F Troop
Patrol Leader: Mark Woodworth
Patrol 6, “F”Troop” to our friends, was founded under the concept that we all can work together to achieve, that "serious" needs to be left behind, winching is fun, and snow makes the trails interesting. We are diverse, CJ 3, CJ5, CJ6, 715, CJ7, XJ, YJ, ZJ, TJ, LJ, Samurai, Rock Buggy, even a JKR and JKU is in the mix. We bring the right rig to the trail of the day, many of us have several different types to maximize the occasion. Serious trails are the normal outing, we seldom take the gravel roads. Performance upgrades are built, not just bought, and our vehicles are custom. A core of experienced wheelers and some unique outliers make us eclectic and sometimes hard to bear. We are always there for club outings, events and whenever a volunteer is needed. Trail maintenance, being prepared, safe and capable, land access and time on the trail are important.
Patrol 7: Rainbow Chasers Patrol 7: Rainbow Chasers
Patrol Leader: Jerry Cronk
We continually participate in and actively support the leadership of MHJC and the annual All-4-Fun. We are a fun group of couples who enjoy each other and a variety of social activities, 4-wheeling, and camping. Vehicles vary in make, model, and year, as do our members! Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of each month at different members' homes. Guests are always welcome at our meetings and outings.
Patrol 8: Rock Pirates Patrol 8: Rock Pirates
Patrol Leader: Kelsey Carter
Founded in 1999, our patrol enjoys all 4x4s, short and long wheelbase. We welcome families and singles who are ready to help us achieve our simple goals: have fun, attend our functions and those planned by other patrols and clubs, and work hard to see that our sport of 4-wheeling, and the land we enjoy, is available for generations to come.
Patrol 10: Black Diamond Jeepers Patrol 10: Black Diamond Jeepers
Patrol Leader: TBD
We like to do all kinds of trails, mostly moderate to scenic. We have highly modified to near stock rigs. We consist of families with kids, couples, & singles. We enjoy day & weekend trips, all club related activities. We are BIG supporters of ALL-4-Fun. We are very informal and friendly - meet as often as possible - no pressure to participate - with no limit to patrol members.
Patrol 11: Cliffhangers Patrol 11: Cliffhangers
Patrol Leader: Dave Sluiter
Our patrol is active in the pursuit of adventurous, safe and fun 4-wheeling. Our members live all over the metro area and are of all ages. We participate in All-4-Fun, Toys for Tots and other MHJC activities. We meet for our patrol meetings, when needed, as it fits our members' schedules. We enjoy moderate to sometimes difficult 4-wheeling. We are firm believers in “Stay The Trail” and we practice safe and responsible 4-wheeling. We believe in educating future generations about preservation of trails and safe 4 wheeling. Visitors are always welcome. Learn more...
Patrol 12: Fugowie Four Wheelers Patrol 12: Fugowies
Patrol Leader: Andrew Caudill
Patrol 12 is dedicated to enjoying the scenic beauty of Colorado from its backroads. We have younger and older members with vehicles from moderate to major modifications. We run 25 trips each year including two trips to Moab and All-4-Fun. Most trips are moderate in difficulty and located in the front range of Colorado. A few are more challenging. In order to maintain a closely knit membership we have participation requirements and we limit ourselves to 15 active members at any one time. Visitors and new members are welcome to come along with us on our adventures. Learn more...
Patrol 13: The Trail Runners
Patrol 13: Trail Runners
Patrol Leader: Guen Hiller

Established in 1958, The Trail Runners Patrol is one of the oldest continuous Patrols in Mile-Hi Jeep Club (MHJC). We have members of all ages, including several Lifetime MHJC members, one of whom helped found our Patrol and is currently the oldest member of MHJC!

We enjoy all kinds of trails including scenic, moderate, and rock crawling. We have no vehicle minimums to join our Patrol, although some trail runs might. In addition to trail runs and MHJC events, we also get together for other outings or activities, and actively participate on the MHJC Land Conservation committee.

We have regular Patrol meetings on the second Saturday of every month, alternating between members’ homes, and we welcome new members and visitors. We are currently one of the smaller Patrols, but we are growing. Look for us on the MHJC Calendar and come visit us anytime! Learn more...

Patrol 14: The Alpine 14ers Patrol 14: The Alpine 14ers
Patrol Leader: Gary Boudreau
We are a large, active patrol that has members of all ages and vehicle ability. We enjoy a variety of moderate degrees, and run both local trails and overnight trips. Our priorities are 4-wheeling, trail maintenance, and helping each other. Learn more...
Patrol 15: High Altitude Fourwheelers Patrol 15: High Altitude Fourwheelers
Patrol Leader: Jeff Fish
Patrol 15 members range from Lifetime Members to Associate Members, to first timers. Our wheeling experience ranges from moderate to experienced with the majority of rigs set up moderate to extreme. Members are spread out across Colorado with our 'adopted Coloradoans' that live out of state. We enjoy trails that range from scenic/ historic to challenging/ extreme. We welcome singles, families and old farts of all kinds, as long as you have a good sense of humor and like to have a good time.
Patrol 16: Sasquatch Jeepers Patrol 16: Sasquatch Jeepers
Patrol Leader: Ryan Boudreau
We are comprised of various aged people who drives various makes and models of vehicles which have moderate to extreme modifications. We try to run at least 2 trails per month (moderate to extremely difficult). Membership into this patrol requires at least 35'' tires, dual lockers, front and rear recovery points, and a winch.
Patrol 19: The Jeep Hikers
Patrol 19: The Jeep Hikers
Patrol Leader: Timothy Floyd
The purpose of Patrol 19 “The Jeep Hikers” is to organize members of the Mile-Hi Jeep Club of Colorado (MHJC) and their families into a cohesive, friendly, social and supportive group of off-road enthusiasts to enjoy the benefits of our sport, support the parent organization and help educate others. The majority of our trips are during the day and on weekends. We also do night runs, over landing and camping trips. We Stay the Trail® and Tread Lightly® at all times! We pack out (plus) what we pack in on the trail and at camp. Safety is the number one factor in all that we do on the trail, on the road, or in camp. We practice courtesy toward other trail users at all times and we leave no one behind. Please contact us for more information, including our requirements for acceptance. Learn more...
Patrol 20: Maze Runners Four Wheelers
Patrol 20: Maze Runners Four Wheelers
Patrol Leader:Terry Everson
New Members
Est in 2015, we believe in a cohesive team of friendly, respectful, courteous, supportive, safety-minded, actively participating Members, both on and off the trails. We strive to create & maintain positive relationships with members of other Patrols, other outdoor enthusiasts, & our community. We support trail maintenance projects and advocate for the responsible use of wilderness areas. This is a diverse group that welcomes individuals, couples and families of all ages.
Patrol 21: The Outlaws
Patrol 21: The Outlaws
Patrol Leader: Jordan White
In true Outlaw spirit, we are composed of all ages, vehicles and walks of life, 4 legs included you can't forget a Jeepers best friend. The Outlaws is welcome to first time Jeepers and veteran offroaders. We like to tackle the most difficult terrain and also enjoy a Sunday drive or a friendly get together. Runs can be led by any patrol member and we encourage to branch out and go wheeling with anyone!
Patrol 22: The Outsiders
Patrol 22: The Outsiders
Patrol Leader: Bryan Hamilton
Our purpose is to organize members into a cohesive, friendly, and supportive group of off-road enthusiasts to enjoy the benefits of our sport, support MHJC, perform trail maintenance projects, encourage responsible off-road practices, and advance the interests of the off-road community.

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