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About Mile-Hi Jeep Club

Mile-Hi Jeep Club of Colorado is a 501c(7) non-profit organization whose purpose is to unite adventure loving people in worthwhile 4-wheel drive activities; to educate its members in the proper manner of all road driving; to protect and preserve the natural beauty and terrain; to participate, on a voluntary basis, in search and rescue and other humanitarian missions as the community needs; to share good fellowship while operating our vehicles in a manner so as to preserve and protect our land for all generations; and to extend the courtesy of the open road to all.

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The club encourages members to participate, on a voluntary basis, in search and rescue and other humanitarian missions the community needs. We have a strong and active contingent in the F.E.A.T. program in the Denver Metro area that aids emergency services in times of heavy snowfall to get to where they need to be. This includes getting doctors to hospitals to work their shift, getting patients to chemo therapy and the like so they can continue on their path to recovery, and rescuing stranded motorists when requested.

Public Relations
One of the purposes of the Mile-Hi Jeep Club is to “Unite Adventure loving people in worthwhile 4-wheel drive activities”. One of the ways we accomplish this is through our public relations committee. Each year we participate in events such as the Annual Colorado RV, Sport, Boat & Travel Show, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, or other events around the state. These appearances are to promote the club and the sport of off-roading. We also participate in many fund raisers for Children’s Hospital and have raised over $125,000 in the last few years!

Each December we participate in an event called the Christmas Caravan for Kids where Jeepers from all over the Metro area meet at different locations and caravan their vehicles loaded with toys to give them to members of our Armed Forces to take to the needy. Land use is near and dear to our heart in the Mile-Hi Jeep club so we try to participate in any fund raisers for organizations that can represent our interests in the impact of land use management. We are a very public organization and if your interested in helping please contact our Public Relations Committee Chairman.


The club works to educate club members and the public on the methodologies of TreadLightly! and Stay the Trail and to act as ambassadors of our sport. We encourage good fellowship while operating our vehicles so we can preserve and protect the land for all generations, now and in the future, to enjoy.

MHJC is also more than just a 4-wheel drive club. MHJC hosts special educational sessions throughout the year at the Parent Club Meeting, held the third Thusday of the month. Expect to learn more about your vehicle and its maintenance, as well as meet local 4-wheel drive vendors.

In October or November, the Parent Club hosts the Raptor Foundation, bringing raptors to Parent Club and educating the club members about each bird.


The Tradition Lives On
Mile-Hi Jeep Club was formed in 1956 as a social club to unite adventure loving people in worthwhile 4-wheel drive activities. Currently, the club has over 400 vehicle members that make up the 21 Patrols that are within MHJC. Each Patrol has an elected Patrol Leader that is on the Club's Board of Directors. There are three officers for the club that are elected by the membership each November. The Commander elect chooses his or her chairpersons for each committee in the Club.

The club works to educate members in the proper and responsible manner of all road driving. The club works through various grants, internal and external, to preserve the natural beauty and terrain of our OHV roads and trails in Colorado. Several Patrols within the club have adopt-a-trail agreements with land managers to assist in this process.

MHJC Commanders 1956 - Present
Mile-Hi Jeep Club has grown over the years, from its group of friends to over 400 members and their families! Leading the charge of the Parent Club is our Commander, who volunteers their time and dedication to shape our club to what it is today.

1956  Earl Ferguson    1957  Dick Gibson    1958  Ed Swift & Bob Shirley   1959  Don Johnson    1960  Jim Hefner 
1961  Rick Wilson    1962  Tim Wakefield    1963  Jack Swanson    1964  John Lind    1965  Jim Schanefelt 
1966  Jack Nickolas    1967  Larry Wullbrandt    1968  Fred Henning    1969  John Gaylord    1970  Chic Chichester 
1971  Athur Hassen    1972  Athur Hassen    1973  Hillard Moore    1974  Bill Sanford    1975  Mike Jones 
1976  Curtis Wilson    1977  Nancy Pennington    1978  George Lynds    1979  Bob Goble    1980  Mark Matejka 
1981  Mark Matejka    1982  Gene Imel    1983  Lynn Butler    1984  Lynn Butler    1985  Gary Moul 
1986  Darrel Cole    1987  Frank Nash &
Jeff Landsbach 
  1988  Jeff Landsbach    1989  Jerry Cronk    1990  Jerry Cronk 
1991  Jim Provence    1992  Jim Provence    1993  Homer Paddock    1994  Homer Paddock    1995  Jennine Stacey 
1996  Kevin Carter    1997  Kevin Carter    1998  Jim Jacobs    1999  Bob Goble    2000  Mary Hilligoss 
2001  John Flesner    2002  Jeff Fish    2003  Jeff Fish    2004  Richard Dillon    2005  Richard Dillon 
2006  Ed Collins    2007  Ed Collins    2008  Jeff Fish    2009  Jeff Fish    2010  Tom Hester 
2011  Tom Hester    2012  Frank Eichenlaub    2013  Frank Eichenlaub    2014  Cory Moul    2015  Cory Moul 
2016 Joe Zipp    2017 Mike Bowden   2018  Mike Bowden & Ken Moul   2019 Ken Moul/Jordan White   2020 Jordan White
2021  Kevin Durham   2022  Kevin Durham                  

Jeeper of the Year
Each November members of the Mile-Hi Jeep Club are nominated by fellow Jeepers for the “Jeeper of the Year” award. This award is given for one year to on of our members who showed dedication to the objectives and principals of the MHJC, land use, or other activities associated within the MHJC. The award is presented each year at our Christmas Dinner Dance.

Trophy 1969  Jim Hefner    1970  Jim Hefner    1971  Chic Chichester    1972  Wayne & Betty Imel 
1973  Kathy Millar    1974  Bob Merrit    1975  Jack & Jackie Stevens    1976  John & Chris Larson 
1977  Bill Cassel    1978  Curt Wilson    1979  Bob Goble    1980  Gary & Gail Moul 
1981  George Lynds    1982  Betty Imel    1983  Robert "Smokey" Kurtz    1984  Dan & Linda Olson 
1985  Martha Harvey    1986  Karen & Lynn Butler    1987  Susan & Jerry Stringfellow    1988  Mike & Virginia Arbogast 
1989  Craig & Jean Eggerman    1990  Barry & Nancy Shields    1991  Jerry & Laura Cronk    1992  Jim & Paula Provence 
1993  Jerry & Shannon Ross    1994  Mike & Sue Boltz    1995  Billy & Marvi Dolgener    1996  Kevin Alcox 
1997  Jeff & Donna Carr    1998  Dennis & Marcy Ervin    1999  Jean & Gene King    2000  Margie & Brian Hoag 
2001  Kevin Carter    2002  Dale Znamenacek    2003  Jeff & Cheri Fish    2004  Richard Dillon 
2005  Frank Eichenlaub    2006  Jeff Miller    2007  Cory Moul    2008  Tom Hester 
2009  Dave Sluiter    2010  Laura Telgen    2011  Frank Eichenlaub    2012  Jim & Karen Chambers 
2013  Ryan Boudreau    2014  David Anderson    2015 Guen Hiller   2016 Gina Van Horn
  2017 Cory Moul   2018 Kevin Durham   2019 Niki James   2020  Niki James, Dan Casebolt,
John Gratz
  2021  Ben & Darcy Thompson                  

Lifetime Members
In order to become a Lifetime Member of Mile-Hi Jeep Club, a member must have 25 years of consecutive membership in the club. This is a list of all of the members that have ever reached this amazing achievement and the year they joined. Without all their dedication to make Mile-Hi Jeep Club the best Club around, it would not be the club it is today!

1956 Mike & Virginia Arbogast 1956 John & June Munger 1959 Lloyd & Judy Matejka 1959 Fred & Dorothy Ross
1960 Chic & Pat Chichester 1965 George & Lil Lynds 1966 Ron & Claudia Sorensen 1966 Ray & Dora Babcock
1973 Bob & Jeannie Goble 1975 Barry & Nancy Shields 1976 Jerry & Janet Cronk 1977 Gary & Gail Moul
1980 Lynn & Karen Butler 1981 Jeff & Barb Landsbach 1981 Jerry & Shannon Ross 1982 Jim & Betty Jacobs
1983 Steve & Sharon Jackson 1985 Paula & Chris Andolsek 1986 Todd & Janis Frick 1987 Mary Hilligos
1989 Ray Barnett 1990  David & Julie Boening 1993  Roger & Beverly Ryken

1994 Heather & David Burke 1994 John & Ester Davenport 1994 Bill Hallinan 1995 Jeff & Cheri Fish
1995 Doug & Karen Harrison 1995 Gene & Jean King 1995 Steve & Tess Annis