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Mile-Hi Jeep Club of Colorado
Uniting adventure loving people in worthwhile 4-wheel drive activities while preserving and protecting the land for all generations to enjoy.
EST. 1956
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All-4-Fun Camp Rules and Schedule of Events


Camp Etiquette

  • Small children should have direct parental supervision at all times.
  • Pets must be tied up or leashed at all times when in camp or on the trail. Please have proof of vaccinations available upon request. Pets are not allow under the "Big Top" tent.
  • Camp Speed Limit is 5 miles per hour. Please watch the dust and the children. Please stay on the established roadways.
  • Camp quiet hours are from 10 pm to 7 am. Please be considerate of others and remember that we are within the town limits of Empire.
  • No motorcycles, motorbikes, or ATVs are to be operated in camp unless they are being used by the All-4-Fun Committee.
  • No car haulers allowed in camp. All must be stored in the car hauler area.


  • We are camped within the town limits of Empire, so please be considerate of the land and its resources.
  • Camp Fires will be allowed at this years event! They must be in an above ground fire pit or fire pan. There should not be a trace of a fire on the ground when you leave the event.


  • Please leave your campsite cleaner than you found it.
  • Please do not put trash in the San-o-lets and do not dump your black water in the San-o-lets. Place all trash in plastic bags and put in dumpsters. ANYONE THAT IS CAUGHT DUMPING THEIR BLACK WATER OR TRASH IN THE SAN-O-LETS WILL BE TOLD TO LEAVE AND NOT ALLOWED TO ATTEND ANOTHER ALL-4-FUN EVENT!
  • Please DO NOT dump “BLACK” water on the ground. Tank pumping will be available on Wednesday for a fee.
  • The entire campsite must be completely cleared of All-4-Fun participants by 12:00 pm, Saturday, August 1st. NO EXCEPTIONS!!


  • Drinking water will be available at the Minton Park & Ballfield just outside of the left field fence
  • You will need to use transfer jugs to transfer water to your camp.

Alcohol & Smoking

  • Beer that is provided by All-4-Fun must remain inside of the baseball field. You may not cross the road with alcohol from your camp. Please no drinking and driving. Colorado State Law imposes heavy penalties.
  • Please absolutely no smoking under the "Big Top" and please be careful with all smoking due to the high fire danger.
  • As many of you are aware, Colorado has a law on the books concerning the purchase and use of marijuana. Briefly stated, you must be 21 or older to purchase and use, and all retail marijuana is intended for private and personal use. Such use is only legal under certain circumstances and may not be consumed openly or publicly. If you choose to use, please do so quietly and privately.


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