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Know where to go wheeling!

There are thousands of miles of trails across Colorado to enjoy on your 4-wheeling adventure, but you need to know if you are on a legal route or not. Mile-Hi Jeep Club promotes ethical use of trails and want you to enjoy our 4-wheeling experience. We are also partners with Colorado's Stay The Trail program, which is an educational program that encourages the responsible use of the roads and trails that are open to motorized recreation in Colorado. Use the following link from Stay The Trail to find the Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs) for legal routes in Colorado on Forest Service managed lands. These maps are supposed to be updated by each Ranger District every January, so make sure that you are using the most current map before your outing.

Colorado Forest Service MVUMs

The MVUMs can be downloaded to an iPhone or Android phone via the app PDF Maps by Venza. This application shows the current GPS location of the user on the map and allows them to perform basic GPS recording tasks. For more information, visit Stay The Trail.

After the MVUM is downloaded, cellular coverage is not needed to use it. This app is being used to distribute free maps for the Nationl Park Service, USGS Topo maps and other free maps. Commercial maps such as National Geographic maps are available for purchase using the app.

To download the app:

1. Go to “App Store”,  or "Google Play" and search for “PDF Maps” and install.

2. Open “PDF Maps”, select “Store” function from the lower bar.

3. Select the search function in top right corner.

4. Search for “Stay the Trail” or “MVUM” or a Ranger District, select from the pins that appear.

5. Use the “Free" button to download to your phone.

6. Downloaded maps show up in the “Maps” list on the lower left.

7. Select appropriate map for the district’s trails you will be using. Your location appears using GPS sensor.

These free resources are paid by Colorado OHV Registration Funds.