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Mile-Hi Jeep Club of Colorado
Uniting adventure loving people in worthwhile 4-wheel drive activities while preserving and protecting the land for all generations to enjoy.
EST. 1956
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

All-4-Fun Silverton Colorado
July 28th thru Aug 4th 2018

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Patrol 5 Leadership Contact Info:
Patrol Leader -  Cory Moul
Asst. Patrol Leader - Gail Moul
Land Use - Cory Moul
Trip Planner - John Kearns

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Patrol 5's Adopt-a-Trails
Mill Creek
Red Elephant Hill
Miller Creek

MHJC Lifetime Members in Patrol 5
1960 - Chic & Pat Chichester
1977 - Gary & Gail Moul
1981 - Jeff & Barb Landsbach
1993 - Roger & Bev Ryken

Patrol 5
Patrol 5: The Low Rangers


Welcome to the MHJC Patrol 5 members-only page. On this page, you will find:

  • Upcoming Patrol-only events
  • Upcoming club events
  • A link to your Patrol Forum
  • Contact information for your Patrol
Members include  singles, couples, families with kiddos & our four legged families. We live all around the surrounding Denver area. Patrol 5 is active in All-4-Fun, Christmas Caravan for Kids, Stay The Trail and we support all MHJC functions. We occasionally plan other events and activities that are not 4-wheeling related, BBQ's, vehicle rallies, parades, dinner, etc. We enjoy camping and scenic to moderate Jeeping. Trips include day trips, weekends and week long excursions. Most of our vehicle are equipped to handle most of any kind of Jeeping.

Patrol 5 Bylaws


Tread Lightly  Blue Ribbon Coalition  Stay The Trail